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Power Wheelchairs / Front Wheel Drive

F5 Corpus

Strength and stability

Power meets performance on the new F5 Corpus power wheelchair with a blazing 7.5mph top end speed and upgraded Agile suspension. All-wheel independent, fully adjustable, oil dampened shocks provide the ultimate in ride comfort while helping to reduce vibrations that can transfer from terrain up to user. Experience enhanced vibration reduction driving in all seat positions including an unprecedented 14” ActiveHeight seat elevation. Climb and reach higher with increased obstacle negotiation, exceptional motor torque and enhanced stability allowing up to 45° of ActiveReach forward tilt functionality. 

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Agile Suspension

A true fully independent suspension allows the F5 Corpus to absorb everyday terrain and obstacles with minimal translation to the end user.

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ActiveHeight & ActiveReach

The new seat elevator utilizes 3 points of contact and shifts the seat rearward as it elevates to maintain an unimaginable level of stability even at full elevation.

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Comfort is King

Corpus®, the world’s leading ergonomic seating system, just got better. Biomechanically optimized power positioning has been enhanced with Corpus Ergo Seat cushion with redesigned pelvic well and new Corpus Ergo backrest cushions with dual density foam. New Stretch-Air cover option is a breathable, machine washable fabric with a low moisture vapor transfer.


Low Seat-to-Floor Height

Seat-to-floor-height options as low as 17.5″ with all power seat functions means an improved accessibility to our world.

LED-2019-Feature (1)

Make a Statement

New high power LED head lights are twice as bright, making it easier to see and be seen. With a sleek new design, expanded color/hydrographic options and powerful new LED lighting you should be prepared to turn a few heads in your new F-Series.


Permobil Connect

We live in a world where connection is everything. Your chair should be no exception and now features the same level of technology that you’ve come to expect in your daily life.

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BodiLink® Now Available on Corpus Seating System

BodiLink wheelchair accessories specifically designed for the Corpus power positioning seating system provide best in class hardware and anatomical support to provide the highest level of articulation and comfort to meet a vast array of positioning needs.


Real Life

“The more features that you can have, the more things you’re able to do, the better life that you’re able to live.”

— Cyndi Leach
Permobil User

The Corpus® Seating System.

Our new dual density backrest foam promotes greater surface area contact while the redesigned Ergo seat pelvic well insert can help pressure redistribution and reduce peak pressures. Stretch-Air covers offer a breathable, moisture resistant fabric material to enhance comfort and help protect underlying foam.

Enhanced tilt functionality.

With optional 10º, 20º, and 45º anterior tilt, while maintaining 50º posterior tilt.



With a variety of trim colors and an aggressive tread upgrade option, your new ride is sure to turn heads.

Frame Colors
Premium Metallic Color Options
Accent Colors
Midnight Patriot
American Liberty
Carbon Fiber
MossyOak Breakup Country
Water Lily
CDG Poly Green

Colors represented on our website are for reference only. Please see your local provider for actual color samples.


F5 Corpus

Contact our Support Representatives:
01484 722 888

Maximum User Weight
300 lbs 136 kg
Maximum Speed
7.5 mph 12 km/h
Driving Range (1)
16 miles 26 km
Base Width
25.5" 648 mm
Base Length
38" (42" w/ anti-tippers) 965/1066 mm
Minimum Turning Radius
30" 762 mm
Ground Clearance
3" 75 mm
Drive Electronics
R-net 120A
Battery Type
Group 24 Gel
Optional Seat Category
14" 350 mm
Seat-to-Floor Height
17.5", 18.5", 19.5" 445, 470, 495 mm
Power Tilt Options
0° - 50° Posterior 5°, 10°, 20° & 45° Anterior
Recline Options
85º-120° (manual), 85º-180° (power)
Legrest Elevation
85° - 170°
Armrest Pad Lengths
10", 13", 16" & 18"
Seat Widths
17" - 23" (by 2" increments) 420 - 570 mm
Seat Depths
14" - 22" (by 1" increments) 370 - 570 mm
Backrest Heights
20", 23" - 28" (by 1" incr.), 505, 580 - 710 mm

1 This represents the theoretical driving range when testing the wheelchair according to RESNA WC-2, Section
4. This test is performed under ideal conditions and actual range will vary depending on battery and driving conditions. These specifications are dependent on the configuration of the wheelchair. For further information not mentioned in this sheet, please refer to the user manual which can be downloaded from the Permobil web site, or contact your local Permobil office. *The range may be reduced if the wheelchair is used frequently on slopes, rough ground or to climb curbs often.