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Power Wheelchairs / Outdoor

X850 Corpus 3G

Built for outdoors

You need a wheelchair that can cope and that you can rely on; the X850 Corpus 3G is the right choice. With rear-wheel drive, a powerful motor and robust suspension this is a wheelchair which you can safely drive at 15 km/hr. 

Our powerful offroad-wheelchair doesn't just look sturdy, it's built for people who demand high performance. The chair is equipped with ESP (Electronic Steering Performance) which controls the engine and ensures that you never lose control when taking a corner. It has directional lighting which stay on the track, spring-loaded mirrors, and rubber bumpers which can take a knock

The outstanding aspect of the Corpus 3G is that the seating system is completely adapted to the natural form of the body.The seat can be rotated 180°, making mounting and dismounting easy.


Electrical functions

Seat lift, Backrest adjustment, Tilt adjustment, Wheelbase adjustment, Seat rotation


Wheelbase Corpus 3G

Adjustable wheelbase ensuring the length is precisely suited to you and if necessary you can adjust the length of the chair.


Seating system Corpus 3G

The Corpus seating system offers a range of power-adjusted options. For instance, you can use the control panel to easily adjust the backrest. A powered seat lift is also available. The seat can be rotated 180° for easier transfer.

X850_Corpus_3G (2)

Backrest Corpus 3G

You sit comfortably with correct support in the contoured seat cushion and can utilise power functions such as electrically-operated backrest available. Standard split backrest, adjustable in steps of 25 mm.


Real Life

“I’ve been in a wheelchair since the age of two. However, 23 years later I can still vividly remember how I felt and the pure excitement that came upon the delivery of my first Permobil.”

Jenna Luzzo


With a variety of trim colors and an aggressive tread upgrade option, your new ride is sure to turn heads.

Frame Colors
Dark blue metallic
Red Metallic
Black Metallic

Colors represented on our website are for reference only. Please see your local provider for actual color samples.


M5 Corpus

Contact our Support Representatives:
01484 722 888

Maximum User Weight
136 kg
Maximum Speed
10-15 km/h
35-45 km
Obstacle Height
110 mm
Turning Radius
1680 mm
Base Turning Radius

Specifications may vary based upon configuration. Specifications may vary based upon configuration. Please refer to your owners manual for warnings and instructions for the safe operation of your wheelchair in a variety of driving conditions.

* Actual driving range will vary based on driving and battery conditions.